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FUS First Presidential Charity: One Heart Orlando

This year, for the first time — and in conjunction with the FUS 75th Anniversary Meeting — the FUS is participating in the Presidential Charity to give back to the communities that we host our meetings in. We will be collecting donations up until the end of the FUS 75th Annual Meeting, at which point all proceeds will be sent to One Heart for Women and Children in Orlando.
One Heart for Women and Children’s mission is to provide necessary resources for struggling families as they transition through and overcome the hardships of daily living in the Central Florida region and beyond. One Heart helps individuals who are homeless or in times of transition by helping them meet their most essential needs. They help provide access to food, clothing, school supplies, personal hygiene items, household items, and more.
We hope you will help the FUS give back to the Orlando community!
Contributions are not tax deductible.

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Presidential Charity
Proceeds will be sent to One Heart for Women and Children in Orlando
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Residents Scholarship Fund