Indiana Urologic Association, Inc. (IUA)

Indiana Urologic Association, Inc.

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  • Qualifications: Active Membership in this Society is limited to licensed physicians of who reside and practice Urology in the state of Indiana and have an unrestricted license to practice medicine. $100.00 USD payment of Annual Dues is required.
  • Qualifications: Affiliate Membership in this Society includes licensed physicians in related fields of medicine and science who cannot qualify for active membership and Non-physicians who, by their professional or personal accomplishments have contributed significantly to medicine in general or the specialty of urology. $100.00 USD payment of Annual Dues is required.
  • Qualifications: Candidate Membership in the Society is limited to residents in an accredited Urology training program within the state of Indiana. Such membership will terminate with completion or discontinuation of such residency training. There are no annual dues.

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